Mission Statement

The National Federation of American Students (NFAS) is a chapter and affiliate based organization. Its purpose is to mandate integrity in our nation’s education system while improving schools all across America. Today, the best interests of American students may be unintentionally ignored and issues facing the American students may remain unresolved. Our goal is to ensure the interests of American students are the primary focus of public education in the United States of America which we aim to achieve by uniting the students of America and exposing injustices and corruption in the education system.

Everyday our nation faces new global challenges. In order to survive in this competitive global society, the United States must create the elite citizens of tomorrow. When the best interests of today’s students  are neglected, the next generation of adults won’t be able to conquer the challenges of tomorrow.

By uniting the students of America through one collective organization, we hope to form relationships between schools, students, and other academic professionals on a state-wide and national scale. Divided, there is little we can do to resolve the issues plaguing education. However, if we, the American students are united through one federation, the students will be empowered to achieve their goals and resolve their issues. We believe that the United States education system and U.S. schools should only operate in a manner consistent with the best interests of American students.

We provide American students with resources to engage in effective collaboration. Each chapter and affiliate of the National Federation of American Students will receive public web-space where they will be able to document their activities and host public discussion.We expect additional features in the future, so please check back for updates.

If you are interested in fixing the problems that are plaguing your school, please start a chapter!

Would your student government or other school-betterment organization like to get involved too? Consider becoming an affiliate!

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